C Bangs


Imaging Consciousness and the Cosmos Through the Artist’s Vision


Some of my earliest dialogues with my father were on the nature of eternity and the transcendental.  One memorable conversation was to explore a conceptual way to imagine eternity.  As a child I found this to be an extraordinary concept with of my early attempts being circular and or organic and at one point imaging a circle with no beginning or end.  

These early conversations provided the foundation of later dialogues with a noted quantum-consciousness physicist, Dr. Evan Harris Walker in 1991 until his death in 2006.  Harris was a rebel and an early pioneer of the physics of consciousness.  He was also an artist and we enjoyed an ongoing exchange of ideas on the reality or non-reality of “space-time” and on his innovative theories concerning the relationship between quantum mechanics and consciousness.

His quantum-consciousness equations were incorporated into my paintings, by mutual agreement and in the spirit of collaboration he digitally collaged some of my images into his art.  

His equations in my work function as design elements that speak of the interconnectivity in the cosmos and reference sacred writing in illuminated manuscripts. 

Ongoing conversations with my husband, Dr. Greg Matloff on physics, astronomy as well as mythology and the transcendental have provided the material for nine books on astronomy, astrophysics and two artist/scientist books now in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum and MoMA.  Our thirty year collaboration collaboration fits into the developing arts/science investigations that tackle ethical and political dimensions of complex problems.

My work images our life in a conscious cosmos interconnected and intertwined with the macrocosm and the microcosm and is woven with elements produced by stars, in the plants and animals we eat, wear and surround ourselves with.



Public Collections


The British Interplanetary Society, London, UK

Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

New York City College of Technology

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center, Huntsville,  AL

Accademia dei Fisiocritici, Siena, Italy

Pantera Contrade Museum, Siena, Italy

Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita Degli Studi di Siena, Italy

Torre di Luciana, Universita Degli Studi di Siena, Italy

Bob Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, NYC

Pace University, Civic Center Campus, NYC

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina

Annabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


Solo Exhibitions

New YorkCollege of Technology Library,  Brooklyn, NY,  March 13-April 30, 2008

Pratt Institute Library, Brooklyn, NY, January8-February 30, 2007

Gallery 718, 164 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, September 1- October 4, 2003

Art Resources Transfer, 210 11th Avenue, NYC, Febuary-March 2001, June 23-August 27, 1999

Audart, 60 Broad Street, NYC, October l997-January l998

Art Resources Transfer, Inc. 504 West 22nd Street, NYC ApriI 9, 1997

Accademia dei Fisiocritici, Siena, Italy, June/July 1994

Belanthi Gallery, Court Street, Brooklyn, NY, January 1992

Ten Brooks Gallery, Reade Street, NYC, March/April 1991

Pace University Art Gallery, Civic Center Campus, NYC, November, 1985

Tompkins County Center for Culture and the Performing Arts, Ithaca, NY, August, 1979


Selected Group Exhibitions

100 Portraits: Women Artists Photographs by Barbara Yoshida, Salena Gallery, LIU Brooklyn, NY. March 3-April 30, 2015

NATION III, Circle The Wagons!!! Sideshow Gallery, 319 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY Jan 10-March 15, 2015

Stations of the Cross, St. Luke & St. Matthew, 520 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY, Feb 18-April 16, 2015

FRAMED,  Holland Tunnel,  59South 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 7, 2014-2015

Common Descent, CENTRAL BOOKING, 21 Ludlow Street, NYC, April 17-June 8, 2014

The Medicine Show, CENTRAL BOOKING, 21 Ludlow Street, NYC, Nov. 7 , 2013-Jan. 12, 2014

Artist’s Book Gallery, CENTRAL BOOKING Gallery, 21 Ludlow Street, NYC, 2013

GO: A Community-Curated Open Studio Project, 2012

“I Am The Cosmos” New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ , Dec 4, 2010-May 29, 2011

“Astronomy”  Central Booking, Front Street, Brooklyn, March-April 2010

“Advanced Scientific Space Missions to the Solar System and Beyond”,  “Paradise Regained”Aosta , Italy, July, 5 2009

“Harmony of Elements” Global Fusion Arts, Noho Gallery, 530 West 25th St. NYC, August 5-23, 2008

“Blast 10 Years of Holland Tunnel Gallery” 61 South 3rd St. Brooklyn, NY January 6-February 11th 2007

“Elegy in a Variable Key”, Theo Ganz Studio, 44 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY, September 17-October 8, 2006

“Arc(ane)/Arc(haic):Works on paper, C Bangs & Lynn Hassan, Simon Liu Gallery, 645 Dean Street,  Brooklyn, NY, March 10-30, 2006

“Las Vegas Centennial Exhibition”,  Las Vegas Art Museum, 9600 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada, April-June 2005

“Crossed Destinies”, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, March 12- April 3, 2005

“When Brooklyn Artists Speak, Art Listens”, Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Jarolemon Street, January 2005, Pratt Institute, September 2005, Bklyn, NY

“Forces of Nature” Danny Simmons’ Corridor Gallery, 334 Grand Avenue, November-January 2005, Bklyn, NY

“Discoveries” Brooklyn Borough Hall, May 2004, Bklyn, NY

“PMS, Painters, Musicians, Painters”, Broklyn War Memorial, March 2004, Bklyn, NY

“Forms of Divinity”, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Dec 6-28, 2003, Bklyn, NY

“ Postcards From the Edge”, Galerie Lelong, 528 West 26th Street, NYC,  Nov. 16, 2003

“Brave Destiny”, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Sept. 20-Nov. 2, 2003, Bklyn, NY 

“Digital Bridges”, West Beth Gallery, July 12-August 17, 2003, West Street, NYC

“BAM SONYA Spring 2003 Group Show, Corridor Gallery, 334 Grand Avenue, 

Brooklyn, NY, March 30-April 23, 2003

“Rainforest”, Taipei Gallery, McGraw-Hill Builing, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, NYC, November 2-December 14, 2001, Las Vegas Museum of Art, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 17-March 7, 2002

“Messages from Earth”, curated and exhibited, Aosta, Italy, and Marshall Spaceflight Center, Huntsville, Alabama, July, 2000 and workshop on the collaboration between Art and Science and Interstellar Message Plaque design, March 17 & 18, 2002, Paris, France

“Trade Post”, Installation for Germaul Barnes, dance performance at Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, NYC, June 25 & 26, 1999

“Money", The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, December 1998 

La Galeria,Quito, Eucador, November, 1998

"Emergency Benefit Exhibition",Pat Hern Gallery,530 West 22nd Street, NYC 1997

Deep Space, 57 Broad Street, NYC, August-September 1996

"The Tradition Carries On" Brooklyn Borough Hall, June-August 1996, 

CHRION, A collaboration between a visual artist & composer, Ithaca, New York, July, 

1996, with cellist Hank Roberts

Group Show 46th IAF Congress, Norway, October,1995

Art Proper,106 E. 60th St. NYC , March-June, 1994

Emerging Collector,62 Second Avenue, NYC, April-May, 1995

Group Show 46th IAF Congress, Norway, October,1995

 “Arsenal/Wreath show”, 60th & 5th, NYC, December, 1994

“Mass Exposure”, Tribeca 148, NYC, December, 1994

“Dallas Museum Beaux Arts Auction”, Dallas, Tx, April, 1993, 1994, Spaziali, Circolo Imbianchini, Turin, Italy, June/July,1992

 Z Gallery, 382 West Broadway, NYC, October, 1991

“SISEA” (Second International Symposium on Electronic Art) Groningen, Holland, Nov. 1990

"Keepers of the Light"Sun Valley Arts Center, Sun Valley, Idaho, May 1990 traveled from the Boise Art Museum December 1989

"Macro/Micro”, Helio Gallery, 488 Broadway, NYC, August 1989

S.R. Rage Gallery, East 9th Street, June 1986 NYC

Reynold Kerr Gallery, 76 Greene St. NYC, June 1985 & June 1984 

“PHOTOKINA”, October 1984, Cologne, West Germany

Whitney Counterweight, "WC4, 10,000", A mailing exhibition of 100 artists, April 1983 

Bob Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop, "Jerome Foundation's Awards Exhibition”, Cayman Gallery, September 1983

Galeria San Juan, May 1981, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Chrysler Museum,"American Figure Painting: 1950-1980", Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, Virginia, October1950-1980

"Works on Paper", Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1980

"CAPS Semifinalists"Islip Town Art Gallery, Islip Town Art Gallery, East Islip, NY, May 1979

"Hudson River Open "Hudson River Museum, September, 1979

"Staten Islands Annual Juried Exhibition",Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences, Staten Island, NY June 1977, 1976, Pratt Phoenix Center, NYC, June 1975

Pratt Manhattan Center, NYC, May, 1974


Awards and Honors

British Interplanetay Society, joint presentation with Dr. Greg Matloff on Stellar Consciousness, 2013

Dragon*Con, joint presentation on artists who incorporate scientific principles in their work, Atlanta, Georgia, 2012

LibertyCon, Synapse Series, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 2012

“Silver ADDY Award, “Encountering Old Mythology on the Wings of New Technology”, 2004

Who’s Who of American Women,  2002-2013

NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center, Huntsville, Alabama “Summer Faculty Fellow”, 2002-2004

NASA grant to create and test a holographic“message plaque”, 2001

Co-Innovator, Disclosure of Invention / New Technology, “Holographic Space Billboards”, 2001

Curator of Messages from Earth, first exhibition, Aosta, Italy, July, 2000

Committee for Art & Literature International Academy of Astronautics subdivision of the Astronautical Association 1996-present

Curator of “Messages from Earth”, assembling images for a holographic message plaque to be 

placed aboard a future NASA interstellar solar sail probe 2000-2001

Board Member of Artists Equity, 1996-1998

Curator of Discoveries: An Exhibition of the City’s Older Artists, at the City of New York 

Department of Parks & Recreation, 1980-1990 and then Elders Share the Arts, 1991-1998

Bob Blackburn's Prlntmaking Workshop, Jerome Foundation Scholarship, 1982

United Press & Publishing Award for Painting: Irving Sandler juror, Silvermine Guild, 1981    

Edith Susskind Award for Painting, and 1st PrizePainting, Staten Island Inst. for Arts & Sciences, Staten Island, NY, 1975 & 1977


Bibliography (Selected publications in which art work has appeared)

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Stars That Wander, Are You Bright by Dr. Greg Matloff-Baen Books, 2012

Siberian Dawn: Tapping Solar System Resources by Dr. Greg Matloff- Baen Books 2012

Interstellar Conference: Equations and Art, Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Centauri Dreams, 2011

Biosphre Extension: Solar System Resources for the Earth, C Bangs & Greg Matloff, 2011

L’actualite, NY 10 ans apres, 2011

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Exhibitions Catalog: The Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, Virginia "American Figure Paintlng: 1950-1980", Essays by Thomas W. Styron

The Ithaca Journal, "Focus on the Human Figure" by Jeanne Mackin, August 28, 1979



Jerome Fellow, Bob Blackburns Printmaking Workshop, West 17th Street, NYC 1981  

MFA, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY 1975painting, sculpture & drawing

BFA Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia, Pa. 1970painting , sculpture & drawing


Professional Employment

*SUNY Empire State College, Brooklyn Metrotech Center, Instuctor of Fine and Computer Art, 1993--present.

*Art Resources Transfer Inc., New York, NY, Coordinator of Special Projects, 1996-2005

*Elders Share the Arts, South Oxford Place, Brooklyn, NY, Curator and Founder of “Discoveries” Exhibitions of Older Artists, 1990--1998. Also taught computer art to people with disabilities at Coler Memorial Hospital and Goldwater Memorial Hospital.  “Legacy Arts Project” with veterans at St Albans Hospital, Queens, NY.

*New York City Dept. of Parks and Recreation, Curator and Founder of “Discoveries” exhibition of older artists, 1981--1991.  Taught older adults fine and computer arts in the 5 boroughs.

*Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY, Cartooning Instructor, 1984.

*Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, Computer-Art courseware development, 1983--1985.