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Consciousness and the Cosmos Through the Scientist's Vision

Greg Matloff is a leading expert in possibilities for interstellar propulsion, especially near-Sun solar sail trajectories that mightstellar travel. He is also a professor with the PhysicsDepartment of New York City College of Technology, CUNY, a consultant with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, a Hayden Associate of the American Museum of Natural History, and a Member of the International Academy of Astronautics. He co-authored with Les Johnson of NASA and C Bangs Paradise Regained (2009), Living Off the Land in Space (2007), and has authored Deep-Space Probes (Edition 1: 2000 and Edition 2: 2005). As well as authoring More Telescope Power (2002), Telescope
(1993), The Urban Astronomer (1991), he co-authored with Eugene Mallove The Starflight Handbook (1989). His papers on interstellar travel, the search for extraterrestrial artifacts, and methods of protecting Earth from asteroid impacts have been published in Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Acta Astronautica, Spaceflight, Space Technology, Journal of Astronautical Sciences, and Mercury. His popular articles have appeared in many publications, including Analog and IEEE Spectrum. In 1998, he won a $5000 prize in the international essay contest on ETI sponsored by the National Institute for Discovery Science. He served on a November 2007 panel organized by Seed magazine to brief Congressional staff on the possibilities of a sustainable, meaningful space program. 

    Greg Matloff is a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, has chaired many technical sessions, and is listed in numerous volumes of Who’s Who. In 2008 he was honored as Scholar on Campus at New York City College of Technology. His most recent book, co-authored with Italian researcher Giovanni Vulpetti and Les Johnson, is Solar Sails: A Novel Approach to Interplanetary Travel, Springer (2008, 2015). In addition to his interstellar travel research, he has contributed to SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), modeling studies of human effects on Earth’s atmosphere, inter- planetary exploration concept analysis, alternative energy, in-space navigation, and the search for extrasolar planets. His website is





Ph.D.  NYU./ Polytechnic Univ. --          Meteorology & Oceanography1976

MSNYU) --                                      Astronautics & Aeronautics      1969

BAQueens College (CUNY)--         Physics                                             1965


Areas of Expertise ; Research Interests

* Spacecraft Navigation 

*Photometry, Radiometry & Electro-Optics

*Space Astronomy

*Exoplanet Detection

*Atmospheric Radiative Transfer, Photolysis & Photochemical Modeling

*In-Space Propulsion

* Advanced Spacecraft Mission Analysis                   

* Environmental (Fluid & Computer) Modeling & Monitoring

*Analysis and Design of Wind Energy Systems

*Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence


Work Experience :

1965-1970: Engineer,  Kollsman Instr. (Elmhurst / Syosett NY), Grumman

     Aerospace(Bethpage, NY), United Tech. Res. Lab. (E. Hartford, CT)

1970-1971 : Astronomer, Van Vleck Observatory, Wesleyan U.., Middletown CT. 

1971-1972: Assistant Editor, Physics Today, Amer. inst. Physics, New York, NY

1972-1974: Ph.D. Candidate, NYU & AdjunctProf. Physics, Bergen Comm.

    Coll., NJ

1975-1978: Post Doctoral Research Scientist, NYU Dept. Applied Science, N Y

1978-1981: Consultant , Atmospheric Science & Computational Techniques,

    NASA GoddardSpaceflight Center, GreenbeltMD

1981-1983: Environmental Consultant , Environmental Science & Service Corp.

    (ESSCO),  Konheim & Ketchum, AKRF , NY

1983-1985: Academic Computing Director , (DEC VAX 11/780) Pratt Inst., NY

1985-1987:   Environmental Consultant , ESSCO (air quality, architectural 

      shadow     effects, noise);  Adjunct Prof. Long Island Univ., Pace Univ;

      Astronomy Consult, NYC Dept. Parks & Rec., Computer Consult, Kodak Co., 

      Rochester, NY

1988-1990: Math DeptChair, St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s School, New York, NY

1991- 2002: Adjunct Professor ,NYU, City Univ. of NY (NYCCT & BMCC), New 

     SchoolUniv. , Pace Univ., SUNY Empire State, Science Writer / Editor 

     Consultantto Space Studies Inst, Van Dam Inc, and to Apollo 11 astronaut 

     Buzz Aldrin on sci-fi novel Encounter with Tiber and to NASA MSFC.

2002-2009:   Assistant Professor, NYC CT, CUNY; NASA MSFC Consultant.

2010-present:   Associate Professor and Full Professor, NYCCT, CUNY. 


Biographical Listings and Other Honors :

Who’s Who in the East  19th ed. (1983); Who’s Who in Aviation & Aerospace  

(1983); Who’s Who in the World  (1985);Directory of Distinguished Americans (1985); 

Men of Achievement  13th ed. (1989); Strathmore’s Who’s Who Registry of Business Leaders (1997/98). 

Elected Sigma Xi, Scientific researchfraternity 1970; 

Elected FellowBritish Interplanetary Soc. (BIS) 1974. 

Awarded 1975 NSF University Challenge Grant. 

Session chair 3rd. BIS Interstellar Studies Conf. (London, 1989). 

Dubbed Knight of Malta Ecumenical (1986)

 Guest Prof., U. Siena, Italy (1994). 

SETI Essay Prize Winner, NationallInstitute of Discovery Science,  (NIDS) 1998

         (URL: :  HYPERLINK "" 

1999/2000/2001 NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow, Marshall Space Flight Center, University of Alabama at Huntsville. 

Session co-chair, 50th International Astronautical Federation Congress, Amsterdam, 10/99. 

Session chair, STAIF-2000, Albuquerque, NM, Jan-Feb 2000. 

Principal investigator, NASA/MSFC university grant, Contract H-29712D, 1999-2001. 

Principal Investigator, PSC-CUNY Grant, 2006, 2007

Session chair, 58th International Astronautical Congress, Hyderabad, India, 9/07

Guest Editor, Special Issue Acta Astronautica, published Feb 2013.


Colloquia, Symposiums, Lectures, Media Appearances, & Popular Talks :

U. Western Kentucky 4/79 ; Stony Brook U. 4/80 ; Pratt Inst 9/83 ; Fermilab 4/85 ;

Voice of America Broadcast 1985 ; NY AIAA (on the Intrepid) 4/87; Hofstra U. 4/89 & 11/89; Oklahoma City Civic Center, 11/90; Hayden Planetarium 11/91&1/99, etc.; Cornell U. Dept. Astronomy 10/92 & 4/93; FIT (SUNY), 12/92; New Sch. for Soc. Res. 12/92 ; NYU Dept. Earth System Studies 2/94 ; NY Acad. Sci, 3/94 ; Turin, Italy 10/97 ; NYCTC (CUNY) 3/98, 1/00; The Learning Channel, 3/00; local AAPT, NYCTC, 4/00

Pratt Inst (w. C Bangs) 2/07, Huntsville Planetarium(w. L. Johnson & C Bangs), 1/07. Space Policy briefing , Washington DC (for Seed magazine)  11/07, NJ Museum Trenton, 4/11Princeton Astronomy Club 4/12, Science Channel, 4/12

Rutgers U. Dept. Mech. & Aero. Eng. 4/12, Fletcher Club of NY 5/12, 51st Monmouth Junior Sci. Synp. 3/13. British Interplanetary Society Headquarters (London), 7/13.  Round-table at NYC Central Booking Art Gallery, 3/14.


Popular Articles: in Future Life, 3/80; Science Digest, 10/82; Bioastronomy News, 1994; Analog, 9/95 , 4/96; SETIquest( 2nd quarter, 1998)., NASATECH Briefs, 12/05 and 3/06. TV: USA Cable Show “Inside Space,” 4/4/9, Analog (w. L. Johnson) Nov. 2006, Seed, Apr. 2009 IEEE Spectrum, Apr. 2012, Cable Show: “Alien Encounter” Sci. Channel, May 2012, “Stars that Move: Are You Bright,” Baen On-Line Science Magazine, 12/12. “Siberian Dawn: Tapping Solar System Resources,” Baen On-Line Science Magazine, 5/13.


Citations: Approximately 500 literature citations. Details are available upon request.



Professional Affiliations

Fellow: Brit. Interplanetary Soc.; Member: AAAS, , NY Acad. Sci., Space Studies Inst., Planetary Soc., NY Amateur Astronom. Soc, Astron. Soc. of Pacific, SETI League, Hayden Associate: Amer. Museum Natural History, International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) -- Member. Member Propulsion Committee International Astronautical Federation



Synopsis of Major Research Accomplishments and Collaborations, 


1965-1975—Contributed to photometry and radiometry in calibration of

 automatic celestial navigation devices for aircraft and spacecraft.

 Utilized these tools to predict photometric color indices of (then)

 hypothetical extrasolar planets. Began investigations of 

 thermonuclear propulsion for interstellar travel. 

     Collaborators: H. H. Chiu (NYU) and A. J. Fennelly (Yeshiva U.)  


1976-1985—Continued space propulsion studies with concentration on

             thermonuclear ramjets. Applied atmospheric radiative transfer to

             develop new models to analyze stratospheric and tropospheric air 

 pollution effects. Pioneered use of near-Sun passes to calculate

 theoretical performance of space-manufactured solar sails as

 interstellar spacecraft. Analyzed performance of a patented wind

 turbine for urban application.

   Collaborators: M. Hoffert (NYU), R. W. Stewart (NASA), E. Mallove (MIT)


1986-1995—Developed and refined mathematical formalism to estimate

    opticalperformance of space-manufactured, 10-30 nanometer

            metallic monolayer and perforated solar sails. Began investigating

            near-term mission possibilities for Earth-launched extrasolar solar

            sails. Contributed to SETI studies by considering spectral signatures

            of sail-craft departing other stars.

    Collaborators: C. L. Maccone (Alenia), B. N. Cassenti (United Tech. Res.),

            E. Belbruno (Princeton)


1996-2011—Developed for NASA many mission scenarios for interplanetary

    and interstellar solar sails. Contributed to studies of tethers and

            aerocapture techniques. Evaluated possibilities of holographic films on

            solar sails by collaborating on NASA-funded preparation of a prototype

    holographic interstellar message plaque as an art piece. Considered

            new sail configurations including solar-photon thrusters and hollow-body

            sails. Theoretically examined interactions of the near-Sun space

            environment with accelerating interstellar solar sails.

   Collaborators: L. Johnson (NASA), R. Kezerashvili (NYCCT), G. Vulpetti , C

           Bangs, C. Maccone





 List of Publications


Popular/Semi-Popular Books :


Matloff G. L and Bangs, C, Starlight, Starbright: Are Stars Conscious?, Curtis, Norwich, UK, 2015


Johnson, L.,  Matloff G. L and Bangs, C, Paradise Regained, Springer, 2009. Second edition published as Matloff G. L , Bangs, C, and Johnson, L. Harvesting Space for a Greener Earth, Springer, 2014. 


Vulpetti, G., Johnson, L., andMatloff, G. L, Solar Sails: A Novel Approach to Interplanetary Travel Springer, 2008 & 2014.


Matloff G. L Johnson, L. and Bangs, C) Living off the Land in Space , Springer, 2007


Matloff G. L More Telescope Power,lWiley, 2002.


Matloff G. L Telescope Power, Wiley,1993


Matloff G. L., The Urban Astronomer ,Wiley,1991


(Mallove, E. F.) Matloff G. L. The Starflight Handbook, Wiley 1989




Matloff G. L.  Deep-Space Probes (Springer-Praxis,Chichester, UK 2000 & 2005).


Monograph Chapter


Matloff G. L.  "Chap. 8” in Advances in Engineering Research, Vol. 1, ed. V. M. Petrova, Nova, 2012


Matloff G. L.  "Chap. 8" in Solar Collectors: Energy Conservation, Design, and Applications, ed. A. V. Killian, Nova, 2009


Popular book chapter:



Matloff G. L.  “Chap. 6” in Space Exploration 2008, ed. D. M. Harland, D. M. and B. Harvey, B., Springer, 2008.


Matloff G. L , “ Fusion Starships” and “Antimatter Starships,”

in Going Interstellar, eds. L. Johnson & J. McDevitt, Baen, Riverdale, NY (2012). 



US Patent


 (Johnson, L.) Matloff G. L.   US 6,565,044 BI. Combination Solar Sail and Electrodynamic Tether Propulsion System, May,20, 2003.


Artist-Scientist Collaboration:


Bangs, C , and Matloff, G. L.,  Biosphere Extension: Solar System Resources for Earth, self published (2011). In permanent Artist’s Book collection, Brooklyn Museum.


Bangs, C , and Matloff, G. L., Starbright?, self published (2015). In permanent Artist’s Book Collection, Museum of Modern Art


Peer-Reviewed JournalPapers (* also presented at conference)


Matloff, G. L, and Johnson, L. , “An Interstellar Sail Before 2020 ?,” JBIS, Vol. 68, 26-29 (2015).


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Presentations at Conferences (Not in peer-reviewed journals)



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